Parkview Christian Academy is excited to team up with the University of Illinois Extension office to offer students in Kendall county, grades 4th to 12th, a community science fair opportunity!

As a lifetime educator, I have always been passionate that students should receive many and varied opportunities to develop critical thinking skills in their areas of interest. A science fair is one of the many ways that this can take place within a school setting. Giving students the opportunity to compete with others and also to learn from others provides a rich environment for growth and learning.

In response to feedback from parents and teachers, I had been seeking a science fair experience for Parkview students that was optional rather than as a mandatory part of classroom science participation. The feedback I received was based on several points of view.

First, the science classroom is driven by academic standards that are designed to ensure horizontal and vertical content coverage, so the material is covered in a planned and ordered sequence. A science fair allows students to explore any content of interest to themselves, and to prepare a presention on their findings.

Secondly, mandatory participation in a science fair as a classroom activity is often (dare I tell the truth?) a reflection of a parental science project rather than the student’s independent work. However, a science fair in which students may participate voluntarily, without being connected to a classroom grade, allows highly interested students to excel and grow in an area of their personal interest.

And last, as a leader, I believe it is important for students everywhere to experience competition on a broader scale. There are few things more detrimental to the development of critical thinking than isolation from broader ideas and perspectives. These are the primary reasons behind the partnership with the University of Illinois Extension office, to offer a Kendall County Community Science Fair.

The Science Fair Showcase will take place at 202 E Countryside Pkwy. on April 26th from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. Judging will take place on April 25th. The entry fee is $10 and space is limited. To get more details, register, or sign up for a special Science Fair workshop on March 13th, click here.

By Superintendent, Deborah Benson