Three years ago we were facing both adversity and conviction with our choice of school. For those who know our son Tristan, you know he is, as we all are, a child of God, designed by our Creator and bestowed with unique gifts. Unfortunately, these gifts were being stifled in public school as he doesn’t fit the typical model, and we found ourselves in constant battle advocating for opportunities for Tristan to use his gifts and shine. Furthermore, as we grew in our walk with Christ, we realized these battles were not demonstrating Christ-like behavior and knew there had to be a better way.

After much prayerful consideration, we were led to Christian education to nurture Tristan’s love for the Lord. And after our first meeting with Ms. Benson (Parkview’s Superintendent), we knew Parkview was for us. The tone of any organization is set at the top, and what we loved was how prominant God’s word, teachings, and love were interwined throughout our very first discussion with Ms. Benson. This spiritual connection was key to us as we knew that even though we will be chartering new territory together in catering for Tristan’s support needs, God is at the center of all decisions, so in His hands, there is no fear.

We prayerfully waited on the Lord to confirm the decision and have not looked back since. Fast forward to this year and our prayers were further answered by Mr. Rapinchuk’s (Parkview’s Principal) arrival. Getting to know Craig has been a blessing to see how his heart is filled with God’s love for all His children and Parkview, it’s staff and it’s families will benefit from his presence for years to come.

There is a true focus on staff development that shows up in the classroom and will be critical as Parkview grows. Their nurturing and encouraging approach demonstrates God’s love for His children, while their openness to new approaches reminds us of how God continues to mold us in His image. We cannot thank Parkview enough and look forward to many more years there!

By Parents, Bhavesh and Hina