Parkview’s Core:

Your child will enjoy a comprehensive education at Parkview Christian Academy from Pre-K (2, 3, and 5 day options) to 12th Grade. By encompassing these grades, we represent a “destination” school for your entire family. Please note Parkview is fully accredited. In addition, please note the following highlights.

  • Accreditation standards.
  • All teachers possess relevant degrees from Associates to Bachelors to Masters.
  • Christ centered curriculums and teachers across all areas.
  • Exceptional facilities including a historic gymnasium, a robust library, and spacious classrooms.
  • Integrated technologies including a computer lab and computer in every classroom.
  • Reading specialists supporting all elementary grades.
  • Resource classrooms offering extended academic support for all grades.

In all of the above, teachers reinforce God’s unique purpose for every student while emphasizing academic excellence and fervor. They’re also easily accessible to both parents and students throughout the year.

Parkview Christian Yorkville High School Students
Academics 01
Parkview Christian Yorkville High School Students

Without question, your absolute satisfaction is our upmost priority as we greatly value your trust! Are you interested in learning more? Then, please complete this simple form by clicking HERE and we’ll be in touch within one business day.

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